Athmospear is an Austrian Deep House, Downtempo & Synthwave Artist. The style of his music can be described as groovy but chilled-out and is inspired by popular Progressive & Deep House artists Shingo Nakamura, Martin Roth, SNR as well as many others.

His interest in music started at the age of 6 when he began learning to play Drums & Percussion which led to numerous performances including musicals, band performances and regular gigs as part of a symphonic orchestra. In 2016 he enrolled in a course on music production to develop his interest in electronic music. Ever since, he has played at a few local events like the Jazzweekend and was featured in Austrian local radio station FRF with a 2h Mix of his tracks. His works also got promoted on various YouTube channels and Spotify playlists, including 2020 released Downfall on Progressive House ยท Relaxing Focus Music (Updated Weekly) . But his most recent and biggest achievement was being played in Austrian national radio Station FM4 along with Camo & Krooked and others.

Alter Egos include Fletnyx (Drum & Bass Artist), Jons Nauh (Austrian Cloud Rap Artist, Satire), The Sinus Sound Ensemble (Future Bass/Pop Band).

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