New Athmospear & Fletnyx Release

Yellow Is Better Than Snow is here! Athmospear’s atmospheric soundscapes are once again a pleasure for soul and ear. Yellow Is Better Than Snow is out now, including a remix by Fletnyx! Listen / Download here: [songlinkl title=yibts trax= beat= juno=]

Celestial is out!

Athmospear’s newest release is ready to be heard! Celestial has been released (*o*)/ Check out this new atmospheric deep / progressive house release by Athmospear and be sure to check it out on your favourite store/streaming service below. [songlinkl title=celestial juno= trax=]‚Äč

Back from the summer with a new release!

Cold Paper is back! The unofficial summer pause is over and there’s new stuff to be hyped for and to be enjoyed right away! A new release by Fletnyx is out: Choppy but smooth, aggressive but also calm,… Trying to stand out from the mass, Keep Me Safe is a song that follows a slightly […]

Out now: Happy Song!

Happy Song is now available! Athmospear has a few quick tips, you should follow before listening to his new track. Adhere to the following instructions to enjoy this release 110%: Grab a refreshing cocktail Lay down on your deckchair Turn on your speakers or plug in your headphones Open up favourite platform ( links below […]

New Release is out: Airbreeze

Summer vibes by Fletnyx! Airbreeze, the newest Single by Fletnyx is now avialable. If you haven’t found your song for the summer yet this could be your chance! Join Fletnyx on a journey through hot summer days with refreshing breezes of air! Now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Junodownload, Beatport and more! View on JunoDownload […]

4 AM is out!

4 AM is here! Driving through a seemingly empty city at 4 am is what this track describes best. Give it a listen below and be sure to add it to your library as well!

Summer Nostalgia released!

Athmospear’s new track is available now. Memories of summer, vacations, pool parties and foreign lands with the new Single “Summer Nostalgia” by Athmospear. Listen and download here:

Chopsticks released!

Chopsticks is out -> If you like choppy Progressive House you will love this one: Athmospear‘s new track “Chopsticks” is now available. It includes some serious mini-pauses – and not only vocal chops! It’s truly choppy like chopsticks! Listen here: 0 times “chop” on this page

Thinking Spot released!

Do you have a thinking spot? Fletnyx has one and he’s sharing it with all of you! Listen to/Download “Thinking Spot” below:

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