New Website launched & upcoming Radio Show!

The new home of Cold Paper was in development for quite a whille but now it’s ready. Additionally, two Cold Paper artists will be on an upcoming radio show. Read more below. Next Saturday, on November 23rd, Athmospear and Fletnyx are performing a DJ Mix on Radio. A 2 hour Mix will be performed starting […]

New Event: Velar Prana & Fletnyx @ Lange Nacht der Musik!

Velar Prana & Fletnyx are performing! Get your tickets here Velar Prana & Fletnyx Lange Nacht der Musik | Gallneukirchen Location: on the road / Nähe Marktplatz Location updates via Social Media: T@ColdPaperRec FB/coldpaperrecords FB/velarprana Bands, Ensembles, Chöre und Orchester machen Gallneukirchen zur großen Bühne und das musikalische Angebot ist so abwechslungsreich wie die Locations […]

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